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In my studio today...

I am currently participating in an online Artist Trading Card swap through the Self Esteem Through Art Private Patreon Group and I have been finishing off my Artist Trading Card to be sent to the person I have been matched with for the swap. I will post a photo of the card (also a few others I have created) once it has been received by the recipient.

I had a lovely afternoon creating an art journal spread in my favourite journal (an old photo album which I have re-purposed. I used a two page spread that I had started last year with some collage and paint, and today I was inspired to create this page by the books and the cushions. I also tried to give it a touch of an Italian Apartment terrace effect by using Stencilling and Soft Pastels to create a background wall and foliage. For the girl reading the book, I traced the outline of a clip art image onto a piece of Khadi paper and painted the image in watercolour. The other collage pieces are cut from magazines including Daphne's Diary and Fragonard.

I spent the rest of the early evening removing the lace edgeing from some old vintage table cloths that I have had for some years and are now past their best. The lace will be ideal for collage and my art journals and I can use the cloth as rags when painting.

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