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First blog post - Better late than never!

I have at last found the time to start my blog, and recall my memories of a fantastic day in Skipton attending Yarndale 2017. I first discovered the Yarndale events whilst reading Lucy @ Attic24 's blog about 3 years ago. In 2014 Lucy, a Yarndale team member, asked readers of her blog to make crochet Mandalas in colourful circles and send them to her to be included in a large display at the Yarndale 2014 event. I enjoyed creating

my contribution to the display. I missed the deadline for submitting anything for the next two years and this year I was quicker off the mark to crochet a heart for the Creative Hearts display, which Yarndale worked in collaboration with the mental health charity Mindn . I was determined I would go to the event this year and so I booked a week off work invited my sister and mum to join me. We couldn't find any accommodation in Skipton, either to rent or hotel, and the reason became evident when we actually arrived at Yarndale. We eventually found a lovely rental property about 10 miles away in Oakworth, near Haworth.

Oakworth Train Station is the location used in the 1970 film

Anyway, back to Yarndale. The description on the front of the Yarndale 2017 booklet is: "A Festival of creativity, celebrating all things woolly and wonderful!" It certainly is a very apt description. My sister and I arrived in Skipton early on the Sunday morning and after a coffee stop we made our way on foot to the Skipton Auction Mart, the venue. We followed the scenic trail of yarnbombing which led us past the canal and through the park to the venue.

We had arrived to a very colourful display of Mandalas hanging from the trees!

More to follow ...........

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